Statements of Support

I am pleased to endorse Joe Chiarelli as the next Winnebago County Board Chairman. I feel that the Winnebago County government needs to go in a different direction and Joe is the person to guide us.
As the current President of the New Milford Village and a Winnebago County Corrections Captain for the past 33 years, I understand the issues that we are faced with. I believe Joe will be able to lead this county to make the necessary changes. He will work with county agencies and departments and he will ensure that even the smallest municipality is given the opportunity for economic development and their unique issues will not be overlooked. Winnebago County landfill odor, trash, and health associated with it.
This is why I’m endorsing Joe as our next County Board Chairman.
Timothy H. Owens
President, Village New Milford
I have supported Joe Chiarelli’s candidacy for Winnebago County Chairman from the very beginning. In fact, I encouraged him to run because we need leadership in our county government and Joe Chiarelli has the skills and the demeanor to lead.
As a Mayor here in Winnebago County it has been difficult at times to get a hearing on issues that we uniquely face. In conversations with other Village officials across the county, it appears that they have some of the same problems having their voices heard. I am confident that Joe Chiarelli will listen to citizens and elected officials in every part of the county and work hard to meet the needs of the local communities.
There are a lot of issues we need to work together on in this county and I believe that Joe Chiarelli is the right person to lead the discussions. Joe Chiarelli is not the type of individual who will let ego get ahead of solutions. He is the type of leader who will sit down with all parties and try to craft a solution to a problem without posturing or dictating the terms.
I hope you will join me and vote for Joe Chiarelli for Winnebago County Board Chairman.
Greg Jury, Mayor of Loves Park
I am writing this letter in support of Joe Chiarelli for Winnebago County Board Chairman. Joe has a reputation for fairness and careful deliberation of issues. Even more important, I have learned that Joe is a good listener and I trust that he understands the unique issues facing all of our communities across the county.
Many people in more rural portions of the county feel separated from the urban areas. Joe Chiarelli has the ability and the skills to bridge those gaps and make sure that all of our voices are heard. If you watch the news or read the newspapers it is hard to get away from the fact that there is a lot of division in our county government. Joe Chiarelli can heal those divisions and get everyone on task to get the job done for the people of Winnebago County.
‪On March 17th please join me by taking a Republican ballot and voting for Joe Chiarelli for Winnebago County Board Chairman.‬